Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hossein Derakhshan wrote in Comment is Free today that he would gladly defend Iran in a military conflict with the United States. Even though Iran blocks his own blog, he feels strongly about the right of the Islamic Republic's right to exist. This goes to show how complex feelings about the United States have become internationally. Even though Derakshan desires a free and secular Iran, a distaste for the neo-conservative foreign foreign policies of this administration stands to cause already fleeing loyalty away from the side of the United States.

When Tony Blair announced that he was withdrawing troops as we filtered more in (or rather, retained them via extended tours), some tried to spin it as good news for Iraq. Blair was Bush's lapdog, but it seems public pressure got too much even for him. European governments are distancing themselves from American foreign policy more and more. This seems like something to avoid.

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