Monday, March 5, 2007

Don't You Walter Reed Me!

The interesting thing about this ongoing Walter Reed story is that veterans services are finally taking the center stage after years of low-profile status. This is one instance of investigative journalism actually bringing an issue to the forefront. What's more, the story didn't just get someone fired (as good investigative journalism is wont to do) but it also managed to open the door to a wider range of Veterans issues. It seems that VA hospital conditions around the nation are often sub-par.

Phillip Longman's poorly timed book on VA health care, entitled Best Care Anywhere, says that veterans receive better care than anyone in the country on average, but it seems that even the "best care" is bad. There's a sentimental feeling about veterans. That because they risked their lives (especially in a bad war) they deserve good treatment once they get home.

This is where moderate Democrats go to work: decrying the poor work of the Bush administration, passing reform rules and increased funding for veterans. Since so many people are saying that VA care is bad, then maybe we should look at a good way to overhaul the entire system. Is there anything out there that would favor a quality universal system?

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