Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This is totally random, but the topic of discussion came up last night centered on this image:

One could argue that it portrays women as purely sex objects. They are faceless, and therefore only suited to be blank canvases for the work of men. Thoughts?

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Unknown said...

My thoughts? In reaching such a conclusion you would be completely missing the point of the artwork! The name of this piece is "The Back Catalogue". It was commissioned by Pink Floyd. It represents Pink Floyd's back catalog of album art. This is why each individual album artwork is painted on their back. This isn't a case of objectifying women as sex objects. It's a case of being clever in an artistic way and it works. I've long thought this photograph is beautiful on many levels. It captures the ornate beauty of the pool rooms architecture, it captures the natural beauty of the female form without gratuitus nudity, and each individual body painting is a beautiful artwork in itself, and the lighting and staging of the photograph itself is superb. I love the mix of mediums. Architecture, human form, body painting and photography all combine to form an image that's more powerful then it's individual parts. Stop over analyzing it and just appreciate it for the beautiful image that it is.

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