Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Know Your Islamic Fundamentalists, Pt. 2

Upon re-reading my original post, I realized what I was getting at was not that Ahmed Chalabi didn't "look like" a terrorist. What I was getting at was that I'm sure the administration was drawn in by the fact that he runs in Washington circles and dresses in business suits (the same has been said of Mahmoud Abbas, who, unlike Arafat, simply looks more Western by dressing te part and some had optimistic projections for archiving a Palestinian state). Furthermore, it is a reminder to all of us that someone who is sympathetic to Islamic fundamentalists and/or sectarian violence isn't a stereotype -- they are real people, and not so easy to pick out of a crowd. This is why the Global War on Terror (which is going out of style, no?) is something best fought with detective work.

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