Thursday, May 24, 2007

'Making the Journey'

Today Ireland will elect new officials, but one issue that has largely been avoided is abortion. As reported by Women's eNews, Ireland has the most restrictive abortion laws in western Europe. However, many still manage to "make the journey" to other countries to undergo such a procedure. While some opponents want to restrict women from even traveling to have an abortion, it seems as if the practice will continue.

This reminds us that Europe, while extremely progressive as a whole on most issues, is not a Utopian paradise. There are still human rights battles to be fought, and such restrictions in Ireland are a clue to what might happen in the United States if the right succeeds in outlawing abortion. Those that could afford to "make the journey" would obtain abortions abroad, but others would be forced into a life they may not want or be prepared for. At least in Ireland getting to another country doesn't require as much of a travel investment as someone from a rural area in the United States would be forced to make.

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