Wednesday, May 2, 2007


This account of the Obama MySpace scandal is intriguing. They seem to have made a bad move by muscling out an Obama fan -- someone who was just doing it because he loved the candidate. They should have worked harder to bring him on board full-time with the campaign.

The unanswered question raised at the end of the article, "Why couldn't the Obama people find the money to work out an amicable arrangement with Anthony? What are they spending the $26 million they raised last quarter on?" is a good one.

The first comment is somewhat creepy: "It's really sad to witness what a so-called 'volunteer' for the Obama campaign is willing to do to blackmail the campaign. Honestly, no serious Barack Obama supporter would behave like this."

It's always been my issue that people who like Obama really like Obama. They almost obsessively and unquestioningly follow him. Who is a "serious Barack Obama supporter" anyway? How do they pick them out from the un-serious ones?

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