Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The National Anthem Project

I'm confused about this. Is the national anthem getting a bad rap? Other than the fact that the words are sort of complicated and the melody is near-impossible, even for professional singers, I didn't think anyone was really hating on the national anthem. And who actually celebrates Flag Day? I even get every bullshit federal holiday off and we don't take Flag Day.

I went to look at the sponsors (Jeep, The History Channel, Girl Scouts, various military groups, and Mrs. America, among others) and realized it's just some big patriotic masturbation in the midst of an unpopular war. The event is getting chaired by First Lady Laura Bush.

The underlying theme seems to be to give money to schools so they can teach children the words and melody of the national anthem. How about just giving money to schools so they can teach children, period? How about making sure kids can do math and read books? There are a lot of schools that are struggling just to provide enough teachers and books to the kids in the classrooms, and it's understandable that patriotic music education had to go in those circumstances. Priorities, people. Priorities.

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