Saturday, June 9, 2007

Well At Least There's Albania

Albania, it seems, welcomes the United States to the G-8 summit. This teeny country (I had to look at the map to the left of the story just to remember where it was, but to be fair, geography is not my strong suit.) is extremely grateful for the Clintons' support during the Balkans war. You have to wonder, though, if their level of unabashed support hasn't gotten a little creepy:
Albanians’ support for the war in Iraq is nearly unanimous, and any perceived failings of American foreign policy are studiously ignored. A two-day effort to find anyone of prominence who might offer some criticism of the United States turned up just one name, and that person was out of the country.
Nearly unanimous? Every other country thinks this war is a bad idea, including our own, according to some handy polling data. Don't these people read the headlines?

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