Monday, July 30, 2007

There You Are, Chelsea Clinton!

I was just thinking to myself last week about the fact that very little has been heard from or about Chelsea Clinton since Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign for the White House began. Well, the New York Times seems to have found her. They managed to tell me about her clothing:

At a benefit last month for the School of American Ballet, on whose board she serves, Ms. Clinton seemed as hardworking as the other attendees did festive. Most of the women her age wore bright gowns and bare skin, but Ms. Clinton wore a dark pantsuit, her hair smoothed and fastened into a strawberry-blond sheet.
her makeup:

Ms. Clinton seems acutely aware that others are always observing her; classmates at Stanford noticed that she was always in full makeup, as if she expected to be photographed at any moment.
her fitness:

(More recently, she exercised with a personal trainer who specializes in pageant contestants.)
and what she's doing now:

But after Oxford, Chelsea Clinton signed up with McKinsey, a consulting company known as an elite business training corps. She was the youngest in her class, hired at the same rank as those with M.B.A. degrees.
This doesn't really tell me very much about her, but what I gathered from the article is that she prefers to be somewhat of a reclusive figure. I'm sure she's tired of growing up in the spotlight. I'm sure she knows that her mother's campaign has once again will cause things like, for instance, the NYT to write articles about her.

In a lot of ways I'm extremely jealous of Chelsea Clinton. She has the potential to do pretty much anything she wants. What she wants, however, may be just to be a regular person.

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