Thursday, August 23, 2007

Giving Students Guidance

points out that one college, profiled in Inside Higher Ed recently, proved that one-on-one counciling can help reduce student debt, and it's actually possible to pull it off:

As the Barnard [College] example shows, proactive counseling can go a long way in preventing students from making bad decisions that will haunt them well after they leave college. But are similiar efforts feasible at larger universities with enrollments that exceed Barnard's 2,400 students?

The answer is "yes"—at least at Colorado State University, which enrolls more than 20,000 undergraduates and about 4,000 additional graduate students. For more than a decade, financial aid administrators at the university, which participates in the federal Direct Loan program, have been concerned about students unnecessarily taking out non-federally guaranteed, private loans. And they have been doing something about it.

*I accidentally originally credited this post to Sara Mead.

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