Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On Inequality in New Orleans

I have an article for the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina up at CP today:
Recent articles in Time and National Geographic (among others) have shown some of the bureaucratic barriers the city faces as it tackles the ongoing reconstruction effort. The storm highlighted how disproportionately the black and poor were affected. Those earning less than 200 percent of the poverty line (about $40,000 for a family of four) made up more than 40 percent of those affected. Of the entire affected population, about 73 percent were African American, according to a congressional research report (PDF). But Morning Dove and her fellow Panelist Tram Nguyen of Boat People SOS, an Alexandria, VA-based group that works with Vietnamese immigrants, represented two groups of people often left out of Katrina stories: the Houma Nation and Vietnamese immigrants.
Read the whole thing.

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max said...

Since my wife passed away, I bring my laptop to dinner with me. I came upon this posting and it reminded me of how she used to say to me, "Look, honey, there's this really interesting article in Time Magazine. You should read the whole thing!"

That's why I killed her.

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