Thursday, September 13, 2007

U of Minnesota Best At Promoting Safe Sex

My alma matter is rated the best of 139 colleges nationwide at promoting safe sex on campus, according to a survey conducted by the Trojan condom company. The school's health service gives out about 10,000 condoms a year and offers free STI testing on campus. I remember the human-sized condom mascot named Shady handing out condoms and lube at almost every campus event.

No wonder I was surprised to learn that some schools, like the Jesuit-founded Georgetown, not only don't give out free condoms but also attempt to restrict the purchase of condoms on campus, leaving the only option for students to go off campus to get them. It's not like the presence of condoms tempts students to have sex -- I think sex is appealing enough on its own. But having condoms readily available will prevent pregnancy and the spread of STIs. That's just good public health policy.

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