Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Bluefin Blogging

Okay, so admittedly I have a greater fondness for sea creatures than I do cats, so any excuse I can find to put pretty ocean pictures on my blog, I will. A guest post on Gristmill by Carl Safina has given me such an excuse. As he says, the condition of the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna shows exactly what bad shape our oceans our in. Thanks in no small part to overfishing:
Last year, U.S. fishermen caught only 10 percent of their quota. By any measure, they're going out of business. Because they consistently refused to discuss cutting their quota for the sake of conservation and their own future, their greed is bankrupting them.
We've seen businesses of all kinds resist conservationist regulations. Now, the favoring of industry over conservation is starting to take it's toll, and the industries are still dying because greed puts them in dire straights. So perhaps we should actually start listening to alarmist environmentalists and regulate human toll on the earth for good of industry and the good of the planet.

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