Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bostonian Weekend

I spent the weekend in Boston (I already miss the hard "ar" in "Park Street"), which was really cold, but overall a great city. I'm amazed at how genuinely attractive the city is, and I ended up taking a lot of pictures of buildings. But if you're traveling to Boston (or the greater Boston area) in the near future and are looking for a not-too-expensive place to stay in a good location (about a block and a half from the T), we found this great little bed and breakfast in Cambridge called the Harding House.

The Harding House

It's also a short distance from former TAP web editor Sam Rosenfeld, who by all accounts, seems to be doing well at Harvard. (I found him, guys! He hasn't disappeared!) He even has some snazzy new hipster glasses.

The Cellar

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