Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Times' Minnesota Obsession

Well, it's about that time. Every 4-6 months the New York Times takes it upon itself to publish an article written from the lens of "Look at Minnesotans! Aren't they weird?!?!" Of course, comedian turned Senatorial candidate Al Franken provides a perfect excuse for such an article. The wisdom imparted by the Times is:
“They should be allowing more dogs in places,” Mr. Franken deadpans to the voter, “dogs in grocery stores, dogs in hardware stores.”

Would-be senators do not usually meander into such lines of conversation. Nor do they make up silly songs incorporating the names on their list during “call time,” the endless hours spent calling prospective donors. Nor do they draw freehand sketches of the United States as a party trick at campaign meet-and-greets.
Sweet. Thanks, New York Times for telling us what candidates should and shouldn't do. What's more, they don't even bother to disclose the polling numbers of the race, only saying that Franken and Mike Ciresi, Franken's competitor for the nomination, are "competitive challengers" to Sen. Norm Coleman. When I bothered to look up the actual poll numbers, as reported by the Strib, Coleman is leading to Franken by 49-42. Coleman leads Ciresi by 46-43.

Regardless, the Times' article wasn't particularly helpful. Aren't they supposed to be a real newspaper?

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