Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2008. I'm sitting at home tonight watching the premier of The Biggest Loser -- I'm sure it's no coincidence it's airing on the day that many people start off with resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, and exercise more. I've never really watched the show before, but what I'm struck by is that the most overweight people are at something of an advantage at the beginning because the way the show is set up is to look at the bottom line of how much weight is lost, not necessarily how healthy the people become.

Since I've pretty much maintained the same weight since high school, I don't really have much to say about the battle of weight loss or gain. But it does seem that we shouldn't focus on the bottom line of numbers when it comes to weight loss. Health is individual, and we should treat it that way. What's more, the people that don't lose weight quickly enough are sent home.

The show has a lot of good to contribute. For instance, they've partnered with Britta to convince people to stop using plastic water bottles and just use one reusable bottle of hard plastic to eliminate waste. And many of the people on the show are committing to make themselves healthy. But I think there really is a tough balance to strike between focusing on weight and focusing on health.

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