Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Drama Queens

I tend to agree with Paul Waldman when he said, "At times like this it's hard not to wonder whether Code Pink and the Berkeley City Council aren't agents provocateurs, a kind of self-parody strike force sent by Dick Cheney to discredit opposition to the war." I found Britt Peterson's profile in TNR (inaccessible in their archives but available in reprint form here) of Code Pink very humanizing, but Code Pink tends to be massively disruptive of ordinary hearings and play into all the stereotypes of the antiwar left when the left has been working hard to be organized, smart, and compelling. Instead, at the Take Back America conference this week, Code Pink gathered to dress up in pink and don a tiara to sing, "I miss America ..." Every time I see code pink I always cringe. Even if I agree with them, they tend to come off as unsophisticated opponents of the war. Instead of creating publicity stunts and conducting yoga classes, Code Pink might do well to think critically about foreign policy.

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