Sunday, March 30, 2008

WAM!: Race in the Blogosphere

I'm in a panel that asks the question, "Can blogging end racism?" Before even entering the room, I decided the answer to that question is no, but the panelists had a lot of really great advice about how to foster a dialogue about race on blogs. Of course blogging won't end racism, I thought to myself. Are we kidding? Racism is so complex blogging doesn't even scratch the surface.

But when it comes to subjects sensitive like race, Carmen Van Kerckhove (New Demographic/Racialicious) , Latoya Peterson (freelancer), and Wendy Muse (The Coup Magazine) had really great advice about how many layers to think and write about this issue. They advised against getting into the weeds of "oppression Olympics," be conscious of your own biases, and don't be afraid to be wrong and learn more once the dialogue opens up.

It was a great panel, even if I was initially put off by the title.

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