Sunday, April 20, 2008

Full Frontal Nudity in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Ezra has thoughts on Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I thought the film was great and funny. Although I still like Superbad more in the realm of Judd Apatow. The amazing thing about Forgetting Sarah Marshall was evident in the opening break up scene. There was full-on male frontal nudity. Extended. The degree to which people laughed -- it was more of an uncomfortable laugh, like you laugh because you're surprised. The thing is, people in the theater laughed every time they showed Jason Segel's penis. It sort of showed the disparity between male full nudity in film and female nudity in film. When people see a penis, they laugh because it's so . When people see a naked woman, it's almost ordinary.

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Ann.F said...

Do you think that audiences watching the first mainstream movies with female nudity saw it as funny, too? Yeah, me neither.

Also, have you seen Teeth? There was some serious audience squealing at the full-frontal shots in that movie, but mostly because the penises were getting bitten off in a very B-movie kinda way, which was actually pretty funny, not just uncomfortable.

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