Friday, April 25, 2008

Young Women and the Pay Gap

Today we have an article up over at Campus Progress on the equal pay legislation that failed to come to a vote this week. Our writer, Aisha Forte, outlines why young women are the ones that should be paying the greatest attention to this issue:
The persistence of pay discrimination could not come at a worse time for young women. Students today are graduating with more and more loans. According to the College Board’s “2007 Trends in College Pricing” study, the costs of four-year public universities increased by 4.4 percent more than inflation per year over the last decade, while four-year private universities increased by 2.9 percent more than inflation per year over the same period of time. Often students are forced to offset the rising cost of tuition with more student loans. The average student today graduates with roughly $19,000 of student debt—that’s more than most down payments for a house.
Read the whole thing here.

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