Friday, June 6, 2008

Reforming Election Coverage

I'm in the panel on the election at the NCMR in Minneapolis. The panelists widely acknowledge there are a lot of problems with media coverage and the election. David Sirota, author of the new book The Uprising, noted that people are panicking over the disastrous process of the Democratic primary -- even though it is in at the basic sense of the word democratic. Robert "Biko" Baker of the League of Young Voters performed a spoken word poem about disenfranchised, working-class, youth of color that are largely left out of the youth vote surge. He noted that some of his friends are among the fallen in Iraq, but more of his friends are among the fallen of hopelessness and economic insecurity.

In the end, the panel is acknowledging that the diverse pool of candidates in the presidential election has shamed many members of the media into acknowledging that isn't own pool isn't so diverse. More women and commentators of color (and those that overlap between the two categories) are filling the ranks of the talking heads -- something that was long overdue. But in the end, we want media that reflects the composition of America.

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