Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Someone Tell McCain What His Position On Birth Control Is

I love the title on this Wonk Room post -- "McCain Hates Condoms." They have a good rundown of McCain's position on sex ed and the distribution of birth control:

- Voted to end “the Title X family planning program, credited with helping prevent over 9 million abortions.”

- Voted against funding teen‐pregnancy‐prevention programs and ensuring that “abstinence‐only” programs are medically accurate.

- Voted for the domestic gag rule, which would have prohibited federally funded family‐planning clinics from providing women with access to full information about their reproductive‐health options.

- Voted to take $75 million from the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant to establish a new “abstinence‐only” program that censors information about birth control.

- Declined to help reduce the need for abortion and improve maternal health by opposing effort to require insurance coverage for prescription birth control, improve access to emergency contraception, and provide more women with prenatal health care.

- Voted against legislation that would have prevented unintended pregnancy by investing in insurance coverage for prescription birth control, promoting family‐planning services, implementing teen‐pregnancy‐prevention programs, and developing programs to increase awareness about emergency contraception

Just in case you thought McCain was "moderate" on such issues.

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