Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Can't Find Birth Control Here

Catherine Price does a fabulous job over at Broadsheet of analyzing the small but growing movement of "pro-life pharmacies" that the Washington Post wrote about recently. These pharmacies make a point not to carry condoms, birth control pills, or Plan B (emergency contraception).
[T]he point of being a pharmacist isn't, as these people seem to think, to play God. It's to fill prescriptions. (In an ironic twist, some of the very same pharmacies that won't dispense birth control have no moral qualms about Viagra.) A garbage collector can't refuse to pick up beer bottles for recycling because he or she believes that drinking is wrong ...
But to me there's little use to this. Why would you need to make a collection of pharmacies that are proudly announcing that they don't carry something. Can you imagine Home Depot dispensing advertising that proclaimed, "We don't carry screwdrivers! Come to our store!" On the other hand, it's good they're aggregating a list somewhere so I can be sure to avoid such pharmacies and help put them out of business.

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