Monday, July 21, 2008

Clinton Against the HHS Rule

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed to fight the Bush administration's attempt to pass really really bad policy that would redefine contraception as abortion and give protection to doctors and other health professionals that refuse to treat women because of their religious beliefs. It's unclear if this proposed regulation will actually make it to policy before Bush's clock runs out, but it's clear that the very proposal is an affront to the whole idea of a woman's right to decide what do do with her body.

Over at RH Reality Check today, Clinton has an op-ed in which she says this is nothing new, and she's going to fight the regulation. " The Bush Administration is up to its old tricks again, quietly putting ideology before science and women's health," Clinton said. "We've seen this kind of ideologically driven move from the Bush Administration before. Senator Patty Murray and I went toe to toe with the Bush Administration to demand a decision on Plan B by the FDA."

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