Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More on Lilly Ledbetter

Today my first column is posted over at RH Reality Check. I went down to report on fair pay rally that was down at the Capitol last week (in attendance were Hillary Rodham Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Lilly Ledbetter herself), but mostly it's an analysis of the candidate's economic plans for women (short version: McCain doesn't really have one):

"This is not just a women's issue," Clinton said. "This is a family issue." Clinton may as well have been speaking about a broad set of economic concerns. Pay discrimination, sick leave, the minimum wage and childcare are all economic issues that may not just affect women, but families more broadly.

After a long Democratic primary battle that was heavily tinged with disputes over women's issues, both parties' candidates seem to be making bids for the Clinton supporters through their economic plans.

As I've said before, Obama's plan is largely an adaptation of a larger economic plan for all workers. But what's good for women tends to be good for families and others. In any case, you should go over to RH Reality Check and read the whole thing.

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