Friday, July 18, 2008

Rachel Maddow Catches Attention From the Times

The New York Times ran a profile of Rachel Maddow. (Melissa McEwan over at Shakesville has already pointed out the horrendous nature of the art accompanying the piece.) So that means she can be taken seriously now, right?

I'd like to point again to an interview I conducted with her last month, which actually gives a lot more space to her lesbianism, which, as Megan points out, she doesn't make any effort to hide:
If you could line up a roster of the hosts of cable television programs from end to end, it would be a pretty non-diverse group, but I think high-end media in this country is pretty white-male dominated just like a lot of other power receptors. But it’s not a static thing. And I think that it actually does matter that—Amen—we had this long, interesting, raving extravaganza of a Democratic primary this year with a white woman and a black man as the two major contenders. I think that it created sort of an affirmative-action impulse for pundits, which has been great.
I agree with Megan. Total girl crush.

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