Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Violence in Mexico

Two stories today exemplify violence in Mexico. One from the LA Times:
A deputy police chief and another commander in western Michoacan state were slain, authorities said Tuesday, in the latest signs of violence in which at least half a dozen officers have been reported dead across Mexico in the last two days.
And another from McClatchy about a kidnapping that ended in death:
Mexican social commentator Roger Bartra said that many in the country, including in the government, seemed to think that democracy would bring about automatic reforms to an old system.

"If there is no democracy, we feel bad," Bartra said. "But Mexicans now have the sensation that democracy does not end problems, it does not necessarily resolve problems."

The story of violence in Mexico isn't getting much play outside of places like LA. The debate around Mexico operates in a very narrow space that's related only to immigration. As long as such strife exists there, it will impact other issues like immigration and criminal justice.

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