Friday, September 12, 2008

FRC Action Won’t Support Presidential Ticket

Family Research Council Action today announced that they will not be endorsing a presidential ticket, and will instead be focusing on congressional races. The group has a list of roughly 80 candidates it’s planning to support, and there are two Democrats: Heath Shuler and Mike McIntyre, both social conservatives from North Carolina.

Some other observations about the Values Voter Summit here at the Hilton Washington:

-the music is all very big band, with a number of pieces by John Philip Sousa

-most popular free giveaway item: “I (heart) Palin” and “Palin Power” stickers

-a video about “the call” (a prayer event to overturn legal gay marriage in California) featured the scariest voiceover I’ve ever heard

-FRC is supporting “more conservative judges” on every level, both at the Supreme Court and various appellate courts around the country

-Michael Medved was introduced with the Star Wars theme song

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