Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Youth Care About the Economy, 13% Still Undecided

Rock the Vote released a new poll of young voters for the month of September. It seems that young people are just as concerned about the economy as everyone else is. Here are some highlights from the survey.

- More than half of those polled cited job creation as their most important issue, half cited energy prices (such as gas), and 45 percent cited health care.

- While many still care about the war, only about a quarter (24 percent) thought the Iraq war was the first issue the next president should address.

- Young voters did not think candidates were spending enough time discussing any of the issues they were asked about, including job creation, college affordability, health care, health care, and immigration.

- Most young voters (87 percent) said they plan to vote in November and 92 percent said they’ve discussed the election with family or friends

- Although 59 percent of young voters said they are voting for Barack Obama and 29 percent said they will vote for John McCain, 13 percent of young voters are still undecided.

You can read more about the Rock the Vote poll here.

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