Monday, October 20, 2008

Brian Williams is Objective

This is from the Yale Daily News, where the student newspaper interviews MSNBC's Brian Williams -- MSM diva. Williams seems to think that the answer to journalism's problems is for it to become more objective, and Romenesko pulls the quote that he has learned to see things "down the middle" instead of taking sides.

But Williams is mistaken. People aren't frustrated with the lack of objectivity. The growth of the more partisan media outlets like Fox and Huffington Post show that if anything, people have been hungering for news with a point of view. What people are angry about is that the media hasn't done a good job of calling people on their BS and reporting what they've said without checking it as "balance." People are pissed about the WMD screw up. They're pissed that we're just now finding out about the shady stuff that's gone down in the Department of Justice. The people that have broken those stories weren't the "trusted" MSM, and so people are starting to turn to sources that can think critically.

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