Monday, October 6, 2008

Size Doesn't Matter

Via Jezebel, this Sunday New York Times Magazine article shows that the mainstream is beginning to accept larger people and encourage people to be healthy rather than thin. The article says, “Asking how someone got to be so fat is as meaningless as asking how he got to be so tall.” The inspiration was a new book called Health at Every Size, a book about how dieting is the real enemy. We can’t assume that just because someone is thin that person is healthy.

This is something I became more interested in when I began to read a fat acceptance blog, Fatshionista, this spring. Blogs like Fatshionista have become a forum for discussing how to confront doctors who try to push dangerous surgeries like gastric bypass, how to look for flattering clothes (just because you’re large doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish), and for hosting videos like the fabulous fat rant by Joy Nash. To me it has always seemed weird that women sigh and constantly wish they could squeeze into a smaller size. Health should be the goal, not a smaller pants size.

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