Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama: Gym Rat

President-elect Barack Obama may be our healthiest president ever (well, except for that whole smoking thing), since, as Mike Scherer stalks reports in a post on Obama’s workout habits during the transition period, Obama averaged about 90 minutes a day at the gym this week.

Sunday: President-elect Barack Obama’s motorcade left his home in hyde park at 8:37 am sunday morning, arriving at Regents Park Apartments for his morning workout at 8:41 central time. He wore a light khaki-ish baseball cap, couldn’t tell the rest of his outfit. At 10:15 am his motorcade left Regents Park and returned to his house. [94 minutes.]

Monday: Motorcade rolled at 7:33 a.m. from Hyde Park residence en route Regents Park apartment building for the President-elect’s morning workout. He arrived about four minutes later. PEOTUS worked out for more than an hour and then returned home at 9:08 a.m. to shower and change. Your pool is holding steady outside the residence. [91 minutes.]

Tuesday: Workout. No news. The motorcade - six black SUVs, led by two Chicago police cars - pulled away from Obama’s home at 8.11 a.m., arrivng five minutes later at the Regents Park apartments. We rolled back at out at 9.35, arriving home five minutes later. [79 minutes.]

Wednesday: At 7.39 am. The motorcade headed to. Regents park for Obamas daily work
out. A man on the sidewalk held up his young bundled up a child to wave. The morning is cold and gray with whipping wind. 9.06 AM With the sun now shining Obama heads out from regents park gym. People walking dogs amidst swirling fall leaves in the park adjacent to
the regents park complex pay no mind to the motorcade. Agents use binoculars to look at nearby high rise roofs. [87 minutes.]

Thursday: Uneventful morning, as far as your pool could tell. President-elect Obama left his house at 8:24 am CT and arrived at Regents Park apartment building for work-out at 8:29 am CT. He departed at 10:04 am CT and we were back at his house at 10:12 am CT. [103 minutes.]

Man, this makes me think that somehow I’d be more disiplined at working out if I ran for president and could have a motorcade force escort me to the gym.

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