Monday, January 26, 2009

Rant: That Miss America Crap

Richard Abowitz in the L.A. Times asks an excellent question: Why does Miss America still exist? Or rather, why is it still televised? It must still maintain respectable rankings, but at the risk of being entirely predictable, I find the pageant dull. Abowitz was right when he called it an extremely dated form of sexism. Besides the women in those skimpy outfits all look exactly the same.

Sure, we might get a funny YouTube video of Miss South Carolina stammering, "I personally believe that, um, U.S. Americans ..." but that's only entertaining for about thirty seconds. Who can possibly suffer through hours of that crap? It's moronic. Not to mention that it attempts to award the most "perfect" woman, who doesn't drink, smoke, get pregnant (because we want to maintain the illusion that she's a sexless sexpot), or even have an opinion that's worth a damn.

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