Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pope Says Condoms 'Increase' HIV Infection

It's not really surprising that the Pope would say something as dumb as this, but still. I continue to be amazed that the religious spend their time demonizing condoms. As if condoms somehow are the root of evil in this world, rather than a prudent precaution for those that are sexually active and want to minimize their risk of exposure to infection. It's true that condoms aren't a total guarantee against infection of HIV -- after all, condoms can break -- but it's still really important to promote the use of them. I really hope people stop listening to the Pope when it comes to sexuality.

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Perfect10 said...

To fight against the use of condoms is the fight against common sense. To the extent that people already engage in sexual activitices, condoms can hardly be seeen as exascerbating the problem. I think the real issue is to teach responsible sexual behavior. Preaching abstinence is an anachronism that's out of touch with reality. You can find more of this perspective at: http://www.ricoexplainsitall.com/politcs-economy/2009/3/20/sex-and-the-vatican-city.html

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