Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Almost Daily FRC Bashing

From the latest Washington Update:
My friends, you have been panting for good news from Washington. For long weeks throughout this winter of our discontent, I have been sending you daily reports of the issuance of a host of lethal decrees. A cold cohort has come to power that has no regard for innocent human life. It has been my solemn duty to report these grim tidings to you accurately, without sugar-coating them. This is the first Easter since our beloved nation lurched alarmingly toward a Culture of Death.

Yes, finally, this Easter Monday, I can report Good News. It is the best of news. Jesus Christ lives. Because he lives, we shall inherit eternal life. We, our families, our circle of friends, all those who love the Lord, shall be raised to immortality.
Ah the Culture of Death. I forgot that I was part of it. What's funny is the subtle implication here is that Barack Obama is leading the "cold cohort" and that this is the first time FRC has seen such horrible things happen. Yes, ladies and gentleman, that means that Bush was all about the Culture of Life.

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