Thursday, May 7, 2009

Obligatory Star Trek Post

I have a short review of Star Trek coming out on Campus Progress' Under Review tomorrow (catch it every Friday!) but in the meantime I really enjoyed this articles today:

"Obama Is Spock: It's Quite Logical" by Jeff Greenwald [Salon]

"There Are Four Lights!" by Mr. Abrams doesn’t venture into politics as boldly as Mr. Roddenberry sometimes did, though it’s worth noting he does equate torture with barbarism.

I would say that it's extremely difficult to make good political commentary in film. Some do it, and do it well, but television has greater flexibility to do this. Here's why: with events unfolding rapidly in mainstream politics, it's difficult to carry good political commentary into film because it simply takes a really long time to make a film. Television has a shorter lede time and can be more quickly adapted to current events.

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