Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Understanding Stupak

The Stupak amendment, an amendment that would essentially create incentives for private insurance plans to drop abortion coverage, has whipped the reproductive rights community into a frenzy. But there's been some confusion about the details of the Stupak amendment. But there's been some great work published in the last couple of days. Here are some great resources for understanding the amendment:
  • Planned Parenthood's "real life" analysis of the whole House health care reform bill. [RH Reality Check]
  • Ruth Marcus says that the health care reform bill is supposed to increase choice, but apparently not for women. [Washington Post]
  • A New York Times editorial calls the amendment a "sharp departure from current practice." [NYTimes]
  • Robert Pear reports what's next for the Stupak amendment, and what Obama's position is on it. [NYTimes]
  • Robin Marty, the director of special projects at the Center for Independent Media, asks the essential question of how the Stupak amendment will affect women who miscarry. [RH Reality Check]
  • Former Campus Progress associate editor Dana Goldstein reports on the activists fallout from the amendment's passage. [Daily Beast]
  • Emily Douglas does an analysis of how the bill will affect women. [The Nation]
  • And finally, the director of CAPAF's Women's Health and Rights program, Jessica Arons lays out why the Stupak amendment is a "monumental setback" for women's rights. [Wonk Room]
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