Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dating a Lethal Weapon

Wendy Atterberry at my new favorite site The Frisky gets mail:
I have a great new girlfriend who is funny, positive, cute and very sexy. I am so happy with her and I wouldn’t want her to change. But there is one issue: she happens to be a black belt martial arts expert and works part time as an instructor in that area. So basically, even though you could never tell from looking at her, that beautiful 5’7’’ female body of hers is actually, for all intents and purposes, a lethal weapon. [...] I guess this is a stupid male ego thing — think it’s a little embarrassing that my 5’7’’ 130 lbs girlfriend could easily kick my ass any time she wanted. [...] Basically the guy is supposed to be the stronger sex in a relationship, but, because of her martial arts, in our case it’s the other way around. Could this be a problem for us?
Sigh. It sounds like this is a problem for the email sender. One of my best friends from childhood is a third-degree black belt. She got married last summer to someone who isn't in the martial arts. And you know what? They're really happy together. That's it. Other than a few jokes about how she can kick her husband's ass at the wedding reception, it's a total non-issue.

My favorite comment on this post is from ootie, who says, "your girlfriend being good at something does not make you any less of a man, especially something as irrelevant to a relationship as the ability to knock someone out."

Sometimes I become incredibly depressed that we still have to assure men that their masculinity isn't at risk because women are good at some kind of sport or martial art.

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