Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Links: Bloody Marys and Graphic Journalism

(Flickr/Kenn Wilson)
  • Cool story on the chemistry of bloody marys, but where's the Old Bay? [NPR]
  • The lovely Tracy Clark-Flory takes on America's obsession with "porn for women." [Salon]
  • Reading Sinclair Lewis decades later. [Shani O. Hilton]
  • Rants against girl gamers are so tired, you could play BINGO. [Feminist Fatale]
  • The four main ways of thinking about motherhood. [Sociological Images]
  • What is graphic journalism? Erin Polgreen, the raddest of comic ladies, takes this question on. [The Hooded Utilitarian]
  • Sandra Lee, terrible as she is, is pretty feminist. [TAPPED]
  • An Indiana state legislator delivers an emotional speech defending victims of rape, drawing on her six years of experience as a sex crimes investigator. [Think Progress]
  • Tipping seems to reward flirting, not actual good service. [Smart Money]

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