Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Condoms Make You Bigger, Last Longer

At least this is the claim that the British condom company Futura Medical Plc put forth in a study this week (via Jezebel). The condoms, which will be marketed by Durex next year, use a gel that is supposed to increase blood flow and decrease sensitivity to make the erection firmer, the penis larger, and the endurance last longer. When I think about this logically, I can buy the endurance and firmer erection claim, but as a friend said, "size is bunk." Condoms generally tend to decrease sensitivity slightly -- something mistakenly seen as a drawback -- and tends to increase the time before the man ejaculates. This is why you should use a condom, kids. It's safer sex and better sex.

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Ezra said...

Better sex for who!?

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