Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Real People Solving Real Crimes"

So I flipped on my TV yesterday and saw a new show on Spike TV called "Murder: Real People Solving Real Crimes." According to the website,

All CSI viewers think they can solve homicide cases, now they have their chance! Texas's most decorated homicide detective Tommy Le Noir hosts this groundbreaking reality crime scene investigation show. Each episode of MURDER will feature one real crime, complete with a gruesome recreated crime scene and real crime footage, ripped from the closed case files of Homicide Departments across the United States. Two teams of real people, comprised of three members each, will compete to be the first to solve the case, correctly, in 48 hours.
One contestant said something to the effect of, "I used to read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys when I was little and I always thought this is what I should've gone into." Is this horrifying only to me? It's one thing to read detective novels and watch CSI, but maybe we should leave solving crimes to professionals. The time limit causes the contestants to be sloppy. What's more, these people don't know anything about solving crimes; all they did was watch Law & Order and get a "crash course" in crime scene investigation.

Oh yeah, and the racial element was hard to miss. The victim and the suspects were all black. And the wannabe detectives? Yep, all white. There were huge racial stereotypes at work. Over the course of the show, one contestant started making up wild stories about motivations, including a fictional lover and a fictional bag of cocaine. C'mon people.

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Emily said...

I totally agree that shows like these (the whole CSI/law and order family) act to warp the public perception of the criminal justice system. A friend of mine is actually doing his dissertation on their effects--you've got to think it's significant given their wild success, right?

ALSO! My TA for my last stats class got into the final round to be a contestant on the "Murder" show. She was dumb as a post.

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