Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The 'New' New Left is White, Male

Brian Moton has a piece in Dissent that talks about the "New" New Left, what he describes as an "intellectual A-Team" made up entirely of bloggers. Kevin Drum has already pointed out some problems with the list that Morton came up with relating to age, but I think the more salient factor is that the entire list:
Joshua Micah Marshall (the man behind Talking Points Memo); Eric Alterman, the Nation columnist, author of many books, and blogger for Media Matters for America; Ezra Klein (The American Prospect); Kevin Drum (the Washington Monthly); Glenn Greenwald (Salon); Matthew Yglesias (the Atlantic); Bob Somerby (the Daily Howler); Rick Perlstein (the Campaign for America's Future); and the writer who goes by the name of Digby who blogs for her own website, digbysblog. I think of Paul Krugman and Harold Meyerson as two of the spiritual godfathers of this kind of politics.
is made up entirely (with one exception) of white men. Um, how can the "new" new left be a monolithic group in the same way the old one was?


Renaissance said...

"It doesn't look the way any of us anticipated, but the A-Team may have finally arrived."

The A-Team...minus Mr. T.

Rick Perlstein said...

I'm Rick Perlstein, and I approve of this message.

Their are a half-dozen foul-mouthed fem bloggers whom I'd be glad to see take my place in Morton's roll call.

Joe said...

That article had to disappear the two most prominent liberal blogs to make its point.

They are DailyKos (headed by a Latino male, female managing editor, majority-female front page staff), and Huffington Post (Arianna, of course).

Jane Hamsher and Christy Hardin Smith of Firedoglake are very widely read and influential. They, along with Marcy Wheeler (formerly of Next Hurrah, now posting at Jane's place) broke new ground by providing better coverage of the Libby trial than anyone else (repeatedly scooping the traditional media).

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