Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daily Show Commentary on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

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Unknown said...

According to Jonathan Cohn, in today's New Republic, Senator Obama,

"During his brief Senate career, he'd leaned on Karen Kornbluh, an accomplished writer on social welfare issues, to develop his policy ideas. She ran what amounted to an ongoing intellectual salon out of his Senate office, an effort that produced a series of major speeches and, eventually, the core ideas in Obama's The Audacity of Hope, which outlined his policy agenda in embryonic form. But it was one thing to preach about these ideas as an extremely junior senator in the minority party; it was quite another to flesh them out and defend them as a presidential candidate with a real shot at the White House."

Here's the real kicker: "And Kornbluh, citing the strain a presidential campaign puts on one's family, did not follow Obama to Chicago."

Unjust private world, unjust public world.

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