Friday, August 8, 2008

"Somos parte de la solución"

As the international AIDS conference wraps up today in Mexico City, I realized I didn't link to one of the most significant parts that I heard about. Becky Johnson over at RH Reality Check has a great post on a session in which Elena Reynaga, former sex worker and activist today who appeared at the conference wearing a bright pink T-shirt with white lettering that read "Somos parte de la solución" ("We are part of the solution"). Today, Reynaga works on AIDS issues worldwide.

A video of her presentation (which I understand is very powerful, although I don't speak Spanish so I can't understand it) can be found here on Kaiser Family Foundation's website. Scroll to 1:05:00 when her speech begins. I don't know of a transcript and translation, but I'd love to see one if it's out there.

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