Monday, September 8, 2008

Biden on Conception

This weekend on Meet the Press, Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden noted that he identified with the Catholic Church's definition of life beginning at conception, and the New York Times reported that fact. I do hope you watch the whole clip, because I think that this is where the real issue is. As a pro-choice person I don't dispute that some people believe that life begins at conception, even if I might disagree with them. They're entitled to believe that. But, as Biden points out, it's wrong to force that belief on others who may still have a strong faith but believe that abortion can be a moral choice.

On the flip side, Biden doesn't support federal funding of abortion. While this seems like a principled stance, I think that people often forget that taking away federally funding for abortion often leaves poor women, sometimes the women who didn't get proper sex education, without options. If you can't afford an abortion and there isn't some kind of assistance, federal or otherwise, to help you have all your options available, then you no longer have that choice.

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