Friday, September 12, 2008

Conservatives and the Media

Here at the Values Voter Summit, Family Research Council Action has a panel on how the media is “hanging conservatives out to dry.” Ramesh Ponnuru, a senior editor at the National Review , said that Palin is the most prominent pro-life woman in politics today. That’s certainly true. In fact, there is only one pro-life woman in Congress today. Kate O’Beirne, president at the National Review Institute, said that Sarah Palin may finally “sound the death knell for modern feminism.” The proclamation was met with cheers.

Ponnuru said that media “trust socially liberal sources more than socially conservative ones.” He lamented The New York Times‘ unwillingness to use the term “partial birth abortion.” This is because the term “partial birth” isn’t a medical term, and therefore would be inaccurate when referring to the procedure. He also cited the “liberal media’s” tendency to cite “liberal” sources when it comes to cases like Terry Schiavo. (In case you missed it, social conservatives were totally wrong about her.)

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