Monday, September 15, 2008

Republicans Divided on Choice

In the increasing age of the ideological polarization of social issues, the Republican Majority for Choice seemed like a fresh breath of air when I interviewed one of their co-chairs at the Republican National Convention. But the RMC is perhaps a little too optimistic about the outcome of a McCain/Palin ticket:

In the end, the battle becomes about justices on the Supreme Court. Though McCain has made his judicial philosophy clear -- and essentially guaranteed the nomination of a "strict constructionist" justice or justices in the mold of Robert and Alito -- Stockman sees the Democratic Congress as a buffer to the most egregious of his possible choices: "Believe it or not, I'm not as concerned because Democrats will control the Senate and McCain can't propose [a judicial nominee] who's on the record as being anti-choice," Stockman said.

Despite RMC's optimism that McCain will prioritize other issues over women's health and rights, his track record aligns overwhelmingly with a pro-life agenda. As Sarah Blustain reported in The New Republic earlier this summer, McCain has voted against women's health and rights issues -- ranging from birth control access to abortion -- 125 out of 130 times.
Read the rest of what I wrote over at RH Reality Check.

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