Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veterans' Groups File Lawsuit Against VA

Via Annabel at Pushback. Two veterans groups, Vietnam Veterans of America and the Veterans of Modern Warfare, filed a lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs for delays in making decisions on disability claims. The VA is required to deliver decisions on claims within 90 days and address appeals within 180 days. If the VA can't get to the claim in time, they're supposed to administer an interim fee, something else the groups are saying the VA is failing to do.

I think the frustration here is on both sides. The VA has become inundated with claims over the last few years, without enough staff capacity to get through them all. The veterans are frustrated because they can't work at an able bodied pace, and need the disability certification for insurance claims and work benefits. The VA's delay is frustrating and affects their lives severely. The reality is that part of the problem is that Congress needs to sink more money into the VA for administrative support. With more people on staff to process claims, the faster they can be addressed.

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