Friday, February 13, 2009

"Kiss In" in Mexico City

There's this very bizarre story from Mexico City where the mayor is trying to promote sex by giving away free Viagra to men over 60 years old and sponsoring a "kiss in" this weekend on Valentine's Day. But why is Mayor Marcelo Ebrard doing all this?

The initiative may be more about politics than anything else, and with nationwide elections looming in July, candidates across Mexico are beginning to lay the groundwork for their campaigns.

To bolster the fortunes of his leftist Party of Democratic Revolution and to further his own dream of becoming the country’s president in 2012, Mr. Ebrard has pushed to legalize abortion and gay civil unions in the capital and crack down on illegal street vendors and unlicensed taxi operators, who have long been associated with crowds and crime. His plan to expand subway and bus service is ambitious and popular.
While Ebrard might be attempting to liberalize Mexico City's policies to gain popularity, I doubt he can run on a platform of Viagra.

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