Friday, February 27, 2009

Light Rail in Minnesota

It looks like Congressman Keith Ellison is following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Martin Olav Sabo. Sabo, who had been in Congress for 14 terms, managed to bring home federal funding for a Minneapolis Light Rail. Minneapolis and St. Paul have long been cities that, like many American cities, has depended heavily on highways and cars rather than investing in public transit. The Minneapolis and St. Paul bus systems serve the city moderately well, but the expansion of public transit in the Twin Cities is long overdue.

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Ellison is seeking to change that. The stimulus bill included $20 million for a new light rail project to connect downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul. Many think that the two cities are simply divided by the Mississippi river, but the two are actually separated by about 9 miles. All I have to say is too bad this wasn't around for the Republican National Convention. It would've made it a lot easier for people to go back and forth between the two cities.

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